Let’s resurrect this blog!

Two and a half years is a long time to let this blog fall by the wayside. It’s too bad, because even though I sometimes find it difficult to create posts, I always, without exception, enjoy reading back at what I’ve written about. I need to remember that when it feels too hard or embarrassing to try to write.

In any case, although I can’t properly recap the last 30 months, I can quickly catch you up to where I am now. In May 2016, I am:

… a doctor (almost). I finished my last medical school requirement last Friday and I will graduate on June 3!

… Matched and employed! I matched into the obstetrics and gynecology residency program at the Cleveland Clinic.IMG_9334


… a homeowner! Daniel and I are buying a beautiful old house in Cleveland Heights, Ohio. We close on June 2.


We’re so excited to move to Cleveland and get started with the next phase of our lives. Hopefully, I will stick around here to document some of it. I’m especially looking forward to doing a little bit of renovating in our new house. It feels so different to know you can make changes to your home – I have so many ideas!

Until next time!

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