heat wave!

Everyone in Seattle and Portland already knows this, but it is really hot right now! I heard that it got up to 107°F in Portland yesterday! Last night it was so hot inside that I woke up at 2am and stood on the porch in my underwear for 10 minutes until I was cool enough to go back to sleep. My sister Erin is getting married outdoors on Saturday in Portland. I think this heat wave will have broken by then. God, I hope so.

And speaking of weddings, I have been making progress on ours, even though I haven’t posted anything in a long while. Daniel and I have decided on wedding colors and we have a plan and a budget and a location and a date!

We’re getting married at the Golden Gardens Bathhouse in Ballard next June. It’s a beautiful brick building right on Puget Sound in the middle of a public park. Here are a few pictures of the space and the surroundings. (None of these pictures are mine; the photos link to the source).

Here’s the space set up the way we will have it (more or less) with round tables:

Here’s another reception setup, with rectangular tables:

And here’s the view from the inside to the beach:

I’m afraid this is going to turn into a wedding blog for a little while, but I want to document my wedding progress. Stay tuned for more later.



I never got around to posting pictures of Alpacapalooza! In case you haven’t heard of it, Alpacapalooza is a two-day alpaca festival that’s held every year at the Puyallup Fairgrounds. We went on Saturday April 4th, so I really should have posted the pictures sooner. It’s free to the public, and there is petting! (Ask the owner first, though). You should go next year!

Daniel and a ‘paca having a staring contest:

pictures from Alpacapalooza

Lovely bobble-head alpacas:

pictures from Alpacapalooza

And me with a dude named Orion the Hunter:

pictures from Alpacapalooza

If you’re interested, there are more pictures on my flickr set here. And I will buy lunch for anyone who comes with me next year.

My first earthquake!

I’ve been having a hard time sleeping lately – my schedule is all messed up from staying up late to hang out with friends or write papers, and it’s likely to get even more disrupted when I make the 9-hour time change in a week. (Oh my god, only a week left!)

So this morning I woke up around 6am after tossing and turning for a while. I was just drifting off to sleep again around 6:20am when all of a sudden the bed started shaking for about a full second like someone was kicking it. Thankfully, my first thought was “So that’s an earthquake!” otherwise I would have been really freaked out. As it was, my heart was pounding. About a minute later there was a distant creaking sound and a small aftershock. Suffice to say, I never fell back asleep. When I finally gave up and got out of bed a few hours later, I found out that it was a 4.7 magnitude quake with the epicenter about 25km southeast of Lund.

Seattle is in an earthquake zone, what with the Juan de Fuca subduction zone and multiple active volcanoes in the region, but I’ve never felt an earthquake before. I read Apartment Therapy San Francisco, and they’re always talking about earthquake-proofing your home. I do have a lot of glass and ceramic stuff on shelves back home, so maybe we should think about getting some of this stuff to keep things from falling, and re-evaluate how we hang things on the walls, especially over the bed. Maybe I should replace all my nails with those picture hanger hooks.

In other words, tomorrow is my last full day in Lund! I did all my laundry yesterday and so tomorrow I have to pack everything up, make a chicken pot pie for my farewell dinner, and give away all the stuff I won’t be taking home with me. My friends have been so much friendlier ever since they found out I was giving away my stuff… Then on Thursday Laura and I set off for Stockholm for a few days.


This weekend has also been great. We went to the end of the year concert at the symphony with friends on Thursday. The music was awesome and we got into the sweet afterparty with Daniel’s grandparents, who are also big symphony-goers. On Friday we had friends over, and on Saturday my girlfriends and I saw a movie together.

On Sunday, in the 90 degree weather (this is about as hot as it gets in Seattle) a bunch of us went to the Woodland Park Zoo. Daniel wants everyone to know that he took most of these pictures.

I made friends with a goat at the petting zoo.

Here we all are: Toby, Pam, Aaron, me, and Julia. (Daniel is behind the lens).

The new flamingo exhibit was pretty cool. I was surprised at how fake real flamingos look!

You can buy popsicle sticks with birdseed on them and feed the budgies! Daniel even got one to hop onto the stick.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for New York with the entire West Coast part of my mom’s family to visit relatives in New York and have fun over the Fourth!



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