Happy birthday little buddy!

Our Walter turns 4 today!

Happy birthday Walter!

Technically, we don’t know when his exact birthday is, but today is the second anniversary of the day we brought him home. It may seem silly, but he is the light of our lives. What a funny, snuggly, sweet little dog.

Wally celebrated with some stew beef and brown rice. And he even let me put the hat on him!

When we adopted him, the shelter said Walter was two years old. Which means that as of today(ish), he has spent more of his life with us in his “forever home” than he ever spent in his past life. And while we don’t know any details of his past, I will say that whoever gave him up must have had to be some sort of monster, because he is just the best dog in the world.

Wally would like to remind you that if you want to honor him for his birthday, the greatest gift you can give is to consider adopting a shelter dog when you get your next pet. I think this little sweetheart is more than enough evidence that shelter dogs are as good as, nay better than, dogs that have been bred or sold for profit.

Just look at him, proud member of the Clean Plate Club!

Clean plate club

Happy birthday Walter!

We love you so much Walter!

Birthday snuggles

3 responses to “Happy birthday little buddy!

  1. He looks so happy to be with you, too!

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  3. Kathy

    Moose and Jagger are sending you arfssssss

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