So if you know me in person, you know I love painting my nails. I keep them short and squoval, and I paint them bright, bold colors every week.

New nail polish strips

But last week I decided to try these new nail polish strips, and I think they look pretty cool. At $10 a pack, they’re not as cheap as my normal home manicure, although since my nails are so short I can get two manis out of each package. But I do like this glittery fishnet pattern and I like how they lastd a long time without chipping. They were pretty easy to apply, and I’m sure I will get better with practice. It was kind of a pain to take them off with nail polish remover because they are pretty thick, but it wasn’t as bad as removing glitter polish.

I think these will find their way into my regular nail rotation. What do you think? Pretty cute, huh?


One response to “nails

  1. kathy

    Cute. I wore the black and white herringbone ones to the hair show competition I was a judge at a few weeks ago and was surprised with how many compliments I got. They are easy in a pinch and only take a few minutes to apply. I highly recommend for a fun transformation of your nails.

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