new couch

Recently, we were forced to get a new couch. We bought an Ikea Karlstad sofa 4 years ago when we moved into our last apartment. I really liked that couch – it has nice clean modern lines, and it looked great with the metal legs we bought for it. But it was getting lumpy and saggy and not fun to sit on anymore, and then the whole frame started sagging really bad:

saggy old couch

The wood is completely broken, and since it is broken in a place where we already made some repairs with gorilla glue a few years ago, it was going to be really hard to get in there and repair it again.

So we went to Macy’s, opened the obligatory Macy’s account to get 10% off, and two weeks later:

new couch

Classy new couch! We even sprung for the 7 year all-inclusive warranty so that this doesn’t happen to us again.

Of course, Wally had to test the thing and give his seal of approval.

Walter is SO EXCITED about the new couch!

In case you can’t tell, he is running back and forth and rubbing himself all over the couch. I highly recommend clicking through and viewing at full resolution.

Of course, we haven’t gotten around to getting rid of the old couch yet, so it is just sitting in our living room blocking the closet. Does anyone want a cute but saggy sofa?


3 responses to “new couch

  1. Woah! Love it. Now I’m wishing harm on our couch so we’d have a good reason to upgrade. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  2. kathy

    I love your new couch, It’s a beautiful classic. Great choice

  3. Love the couch! Me and my husband went couch shopping yesterday and were seriously considering one that looked similar. Ended up going the comfy recliner couch route, but I have to say, if we could have a second living area I would totally want this one. Love the style.

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