apartment tour – bedroom

I finally got some good photos of our new apartment WITH furniture. I’m not going to say they are “after” photos because we are still not done by any means. Sometimes it is really hard for me to take pictures of things in progress – I get too critical. Plus I feel like small spaces can be so hard to photograph well. Our bedroom is actually cozy, not creepy! But here are some “before” and “now” pictures of our new, awesome home. Since it is going to get pretty picture heavy, I thought I would break it down into multiple posts… First up, the bedroom!

As you can see on our floorplan, the bedroom is 11’6″ square. It fits our king size bed just perfectly with room for 2 dressers (and since we are downsizing to just one closet, 2 dressers are definitely a necessity).


The window faces Thomas Avenue and there is just enough foliage blocking the view that you can run around naked without worrying about peepers from the hospital across the street. Which is good because the mini-blinds won’t go down!


Before we moved in, the bedroom was blue, but we had the landlord repaint in Behr “Silky White”. He also gave us permission to paint the two ugly/awesome fake “candle” sconces. We’re thinking a super-shiny white to match the moldings.


Since the bedroom at our old apartment was never really furnished properly (we had a crappy metal bed frame propped up with milk crates and an old particle board dresser from my childhood), this room has pretty much all new furniture. We bought a platform bed from Overstock, and two new dressers from Craigslist.


I have always wanted an Ikea Hemnes dresser and I am happy to say ours (bought used in a discontinued color) is as awesome as I had hoped. Big deep drawers and nice easy slides.


We also installed some small shelves to be minimalist bedside tables and swapped out our old gross lampshades for some new drum shades from Target. Then I went to the U-district farmer’s market and bought some colorful pretty market baskets to act as bedside catchalls. So far they are doing a really good job of corralling all the crap.


We still have a few more things to do in the bedroom before it is done:

1). Paint the funny candle sconces shiny white
2). Find a lamp to go on top of the big dresser – this will definitely be needed as the mornings get darker
3). Hang some art!
4). Finish installing hooks and organize closet (not pictured for obvious reasons)
5). Curtains?

Next up… the dining nook!


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