meet Walter!

So first of all, I have to say I am bummed that I haven’t gotten any new pictures of our apartment, but I have a good excuse. The charger for our camera battery got lost somehow in the move. I really planned to take and post lots of pictures this weekend of the apartment almost finished, but the camera is dead.

Instead, Daniel and drove down to Tacoma on Saturday to check out Woofstock – and we found a dog!

He is a sweet little 2 year old terrier mix. We only ave a few pictures from Daniel’s cell phone because, duh, the stupid camera is broken:

New Dog

He came from the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, but they had just gotten him from another shelter only the day before so we don’t know anything about his life before the shelter. He is fearless and sweet and quiet and loving. He is terrible on the leash because he stops every five seconds to smell stuff. I don’t know what was in his past or why he was abandoned, but considering that he was once betrayed badly by his humans, he is so generous with giving us his love and trust. He is perfect for us.

We do know that the shelter said his name used to be Prince, but he prefers to be known as:

The Artists Formerly Known As Prince

Just kidding – the vet won’t let us put an unpronounceable symbol on the forms! His new name, after much input from family and friends, is Walter Francis Hershman-Rossi. Walt.

Walter and Hedgie

More pictures to come very soon! The apartment has definitely taken a back seat to this little guy!

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