So about a month ago Daniel and I realized/decided that we would be staying in Seattle for at least one more year (i.e., I didn’t get into med school…) We also decided that, after 4 years in our current apartment, it was time for a change.

As cute as our old apartment was (and it definitely was cute!), there are a couple things I really don’t like about it:

1). It faces northeast, so we never get any afternoon light. It’s like a cave in there after 9am.

2). No pets allowed.

3). The 2nd bedroom / office space was basically wasted space that just got filled up with crap. Time to downsize.

4). I wanted to live in a cooler neighborhood. Our current neighborhood, while cute, is actually not very walkable or diverse.

5). I’m not going to lie, this winter was really damp and a mold issue started to happen in the bedrooms. It was nasty, and we just needed to get our shit outta there!

Since my two life goals for 2011 were 1). get into med school and 2). get a dog, we needed to move into a place that allows pets so that I could at least accomplish one of my goals! (And then I need to re-apply, of course).

And magically, the FIRST PLACE WE LOOKED AT had exactly what we wanted: southwest light, hardwood floors and vintage flair (coved ceilings and arched doorways) and even a tiny little office nook. It’s smaller than our current place, but we’ve culled a lot of crap. Pets are allowed, and it’s in Capitol Hill, really close to Kaitlin‘s place and a grocery store and coffee.

We will miss Zoka, but having Victrola less than 2 blocks from home is going to be awesome.

apartment floorplan

Also, the landlord is really nice and he is fixing the place up for us – painting the walls in the colors we chose, and basically re-doing all the finishes in the kitchen.

We’ve also taken this opportunity to re-evaluate all of the “stuff” in our home, especially the furniture. Remember how our bed was supported by milk crates? Well, we actually bought a real bed! We’ve acquired several really cool vintage pieces from Craigslist and we’ve got some sweet DIY and DIT (Do It Together) projects too. Daniel and I have had such a great time dreaming up plans for our new place.


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