Daniel and I watch a lot of TV together. We like to download an entire season of something and watch it together in the evenings. I like having a nice low-key evening activity together, but I can’t stand just sitting there doing nothing. I usually try to have a craft to work on on while we watch.

Embroidered bib necklace

This is a necklace I finished a few months ago while we were watching Lost. It’s cottons on canvas and it came together really quickly, but then it sat around unworn while I found a chain for it. I love how every time I look at it I have flashbacks to watching Lost. Man, what a great show.

Embroidered bib necklace

Anyway, I finally used some birthday money from my mom to buy a gold chain from Penney’s and started wearing it a few weeks ago. I don’t have any pictures of me wearing it yet, but I think some people think it looks weird… you know when you can tell someone is really staring at you but not saying anything? Usually it means they either hate or are jealous of something you’re wearing. Then again, when I went to visit Pam in Champaign, she loved it and begged me to let her wear it and/or make her one. To her I say, we just started watching the X Files, and there’s 9 seasons of that, baby.


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