visit to Pam – Part 2

My whole trip to Champaign was awesome, but there was one thing we did that weekend that really changed my life. On Saturday, we drove out to a little local farm for a delicious farm breakfast…

farm breakfast farm breakfast

…with great coffee…

farm breakfast

…and then the real fun began:


Baby goats break my heart.

baby goats

baby goats

There were only a few baby kids, but there were plenty of mama goats in the other barn. I made friends with them all. The best part is that they all had little name tags on their neck and they were all real names! I met Beatrice, Tallulah, Shelly, Roxanne, Ruby, Bella, and a whole bunch more. I love it when animals get human names. Goats are people too, you know.

new friend new friend

new friend new friend

Goats are so wonderfully quirky and expressive:

mama goats

mama goats

mama goats

mama goats


Pam & Tallulah

Of course, sometimes new relationships just don’t work out:

(I don’t know what’s better, the fact that Pam caught that little interaction on camera, or the fact that you can hear her go “Gaaaaahhhh! … It’s recording!”)

Thanks for taking me to see the baby goats, Pamela!


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