visit to Pam – Part 1

I went to visit my BFF Pamela Saunders a few weeks ago in Champaign, Illinois! We had an awesome time! Pam moved out to Champaign last summer for grad school (she is getting a PhD in Writing Studies…hard core) and this is the first time I have been out there.


Pam just moved into a new apartment and wanted my help decorating it, so the first thing we did was pick out a paint color and get to work. That room was a pain in the ass to paint, but doesn’t it look awesome?

bedroom makeover

bedroom makeover

bedroom makeover

bedroom makeover

(The perfume in the foreground is our “friendship scent – we both own it!)

We didn’t work all weekend though. I spent a considerable amount of time cuddling with my god-kitty Chloe:

Ms Chloe!

Thankfully, Chloe approves of the makeover, especially the window seat.

bedroom & Chloe

We realized after we started painting that the color we chose is pretty much exactly the same color as Chloe.

We also got some amazing barbecue at the Black Dog in Urbana:


And we made dinner at home one night (that’s risotto with a poached egg on top):


For the most part we just chilled out, and I got to meet Pam’s new friends and go to an art show. I had an awesome weekend!

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