Camp Squid

I know this is coming really late, since we went on this trip over a month ago, but I have to blog about Camp Squid!

Back in March, Daniel and I went on an awesome long weekend to the ocean with our friends Kaitlin and Chris. We rented a little house in Pacific Beach, brought a bunch of food (and some booze) and just had an awesome time. Spring break is the perfect time to go to a cold places – the rates are cheap, and if you’re lucky, the weather will be nice. If not, you have the perfect excuse to snuggle up and just chill out.

Camp Squid! (aka Coastal Nest Cottage in Pacific Beach)

Isn’t this place cute? It’s called the Coastal Nest Cottage and the owner was really sweet to work with. Seriously, this is the best possible place to stage a lazy, low-key weekend. Daniel expressed all of our delight with this pose:

this place is adorable!

Presuming we continue to live in this area (finger crossed that we are moving this summer!) we will definitely be back.

The first thing we did was start working on a sweet puppy puzzle, which we promptly finished.

puzzle progress

yes! awesome animal puzzle finished

Thank would be the only task we would actually complete all weekend.

Then we basically ate, drank, talked and played Settlers of Catan. I didn’t even get any reading done. Daniel was the chef all weekend, which he loved, and so did we.

Chris & Kaitlin


We were having such a good time that Daniel and I only walked down to the beach once. Actually, the beach was pretty disgusting, and we all decided that we didn’t like the cars. We also never went clam digging even though there was totally a dig that weekend because apparently I was the only one who wanted to go.

on the beach

It was a beautiful weekend, with lots of sunshine. On our last full day, it poured and shone at the same time. I went outside to search for the rainbow, and it was a great one.

an awesome rainbow

We had such an awesome time at Camp Squid! We are going to try to make this some sort of annual event, if at all possible. Camp Squid 2011, inaugural class!


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