We saw Don Quixote at the opera on Saturday, and it was awesome. The music was lovely and the story was great. But that’s not why I rented opera glasses…

Millie the opera donkey and friends
[photo: Bill Mohn via Seattle Opera blog]

Millie the donkey had a starring role as Dapple, Sancho Panza’s trusty steed! Millie is an 8-year-old paint donkey who is awesome and has very expressive ears.

Millie wants you to know that one important thing about her character is that Dapple is gentle. When Don Quixote is too ill to ride his horse Rocinante (played by Desperado the 14-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse), he rides on Dapple.

Millie also loves music. I loved using the opera binoculars to zoom in on her twitchy ears.
Millie and Eduardo Chama/Sancho Panza
[photo: Bill Mohn via Seattle Opera blog]

Insider Tip: They painted part of the set with molasses so that Millie could snack and act at the same time!

Confidential to Millie:
I love you burro, burro much

In May we’re going to see The Magic Flute and it is going to be off the hook!


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  1. I hate my life but at least this makes it bereabla.

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