Happy Valentine’s Day!

If these aren’t the prettiest chocolate éclairs you’ve ever seen…

chocolate éclairs

…then you have probably been to some sort of French pastry shop at some point in your life. Nevertheless, these are delicious, and I made them from scratch for Valentine’s Day!

Seriously though, they look like pickles… or worse.

chocolate éclairs

Daniel and I had a pretty chill V-day. We pretty much just exchanged cards, and Daniel woke up early to make me heart-shaped egg boats and bacon.

I made Daniel a few paper crafts from free printables available online.. His “card” is actually 26 cards with an A-Z alphabet of things I love about him. I got the pattern for the cards from design*sponge.


I also made him a paper owl mobile/hangy-thing for the living room. Got the pattern here.


Also, I tried sending out e-cards, but apparently none of them went through? If you’re reading this blog, I probably sent you one! These two were my favorites:

I love you burro, burro much

twinkle toes

Doesn’t that nail polish look like something I would wear? Actually, I love the whole thing – the shoes, the grass peeking through the lattice bricks, everything.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Pamela

    Both of those e-cards look awesome!

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