nail polish purchased

I went to Ulta today to check out nail polishes in person and came away with some critical info: pictures on the internet do a crappy job of showing color. I think reds are especially hard. So I was able to rule out a couple of colors as too bright and summery. They didn’t have all the colors I was looking for, so I also re-read through everything I could find on the internet about all the shades I was interested in. Turns out that although you’d never be able to tell from the product shots, Clam Bake and Lollipop are near-duplicates of each other except Clam Bake is more sheer. Since I like opaque coverage, I decided to go with Lollipop.

After all my research, I came home and bought all the polishes I wanted on eBay. I’m especially fond of this seller, who always seems to carry what I need (combined shipping, yo!)

I ended up buying Essie Lollipop and Red Nouveau, and I also got this pretty teal/green Essie Going Incognito from the new Winter 2010 collection:

Essie Going Incognito

I also got more of my totally awesome top coat. A quick-dry top coat is my secret to awesome nails. I’ve also heard that Seche Vite’s quick-dry top coat is really good. In any case, a quick-dry is the only reason I’m able to do my nails once a week. If it took more than an hour from base coat to using my hands again, I would just never do it.

So that’s all. Sadly, I completely forgot to post yesterday. I remembered at like 3am this morning. I guess I will just have to extend NaBloPoMo until December 1st. I’m also working on doing some posts about my wedding, but I’m not going to post any of those until they’re all ready – it’ll be like a miniseries.


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