nail polish

Hey everyone, new banner up top!

Ok, so I need to get some new nail polish. I have a great set of dark & fabulous fall colors, from sapphire blue to sexy greige to black as night. But I need some new red tones.

My go-to orange red is, of course, China Glaze Japanese Koi, which is just too neon for the gray-blue light of Seattle winters. I want a beautiful, deep, red with a kiss of poppy or tomato orange. Blue reds just don’t look as good with my skin tone (or my yellow ring) as orange reds. Also, I only wear cremes – no shimmers or frosts. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Based on the recs in the comments here, I’m considering getting Essie Clambake and/or Lollipop.

Clambake – “A creamy red-orange”
clam bake

Lollipop – “candy cane red” (But I hear it has an orange tone to it).

(Be sure to click on the pictures to go to a Google Image search for each polish. Everything looks different depending on the light. And it’s impossible to judge a color when it’s still in the bottle.)

I might also get something like One of a Kind or Vermillionaire.

One of a Kind – “A poppy red kiss”
one of a kind

Vermillionaire – “A heart pounding red orange”

I realize they’re all Essie, but I figure that for creme reds, you pretty much have to go with a classic. It’s just so hard to tell online how orange a color is going to be or whether it will have that kind of muddy/coral tone. But I also hate having to go to the shop because even big stores like Ulta never have the full product line.

What do you think? Pam, what color did I force you to buy last time we were at Ulta? I think I want that one.


One response to “nail polish

  1. Kathy

    I like the lollipop for your skin tone

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