dinner parties

Daniel and I just spent a couple of hours at a coffee shop planning our next dinner party. I don’t want to brag, but we throw really great dinner parties.

We usually do 3 or 4 a year, and sometimes we repeat stuff, but other times we try to do all new dishes. And we’re always trying to outdo ourselves – I think our personal best for a dinner party was 6 courses PLUs cheese course PLUS drink pairings. (Although we’ll never be able to outdo the really big party we had this summer, of course!)

So yeah, we’re pretty badass. We have a system: I make the dessert and usually one other dish, Daniel does all of the heavy cooking. I decorate the apartment and set the table. You have to get the timing just right, but it works out really well.

Here is a strawberry shortcake I made for dessert for our very first dinner party in spring 2007:

strawberry shortcake

I made the exact same cake by special request at Pam’s going-away dinner party in July.

And here are some delicious snowball cupcakes I made for Daniel’s and my joint birthday dinner party last year:


And a magnificent caramel tart from ’08:

Caramel pudding tart

Sometimes setting the table is more fun than cooking, like when you have llama place cards:

dinner party table

Here are some other table settings I was particularly proud of:

Sep '09 dinner party

June '09 dinner party

Of course, the best part about dinner parties is the company. We have had such awesome times with our friends at our parties. Talking, arguing, singing, eating, and drinking – it is always an honor to host our closest friends in our home. In fact, we tend to have so much fun that there are hardly any photos of the actual parties.

Pam's going-away party

Pam's going-away party

June '09 dinner party

This “entertaining” thing is one of my favorite things that Daniel and I do together. It’s how I’ve always pictured myself as both a friend and as part of a couple. It’s so fun being the ones who are always down for hosting, who always have a place for people to hang put and get fed. As a co-host, Daniel is just about perfect, and our skills complement each other. Can’t wait for our next party in 2 weeks!

One response to “dinner parties

  1. Kathy

    Beautiful…just like you, and yes Daniel is perfect for you!

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