Halloween ’10

This year for Halloween I made dino costumes for me and Daniel. I don’t have good pictures of mine, but here it’s the same as Daniels, except blue. Here is Daniel, in character as always:

Daniel dino

They were pretty simple but a pain in the ass to make. I basically made fabric cones, filled them with polyfill, and then appliqued them to an Old Navy hoodie. Simple, but it’s kinda hard to manipulate a whole hoodie through the sewing machine.

Daniel dino

We also tried a new pumpkin carving technique this year and it is awesome! Check it out:

pumpkin carving success

We got some linocutting/caving tools (we didn’t get these specific cutters, but this set was recommended), and went to town on 2 big pumpkins.

pumpkin carving success

Don’t they look great? It’s so much easier to be precise when you’re just shaving off the top layer of pumpkin instead of using those little saws to cut all the way through. Mine is the owl and Daniel’s is the skull. We got our patterns and the idea to use lino cutters from Martha, of course.

pumpkin carving success

We also went to the opera last night with our friend Kaitlin. It was awesome. We got season tickets with Kaitlin so we’re looking forward to getting to see three more shows this season. Last night we saw Lucia di Lammermoor, which I had never heard of but is apparently a really popular production. It was amazing! Afterward, we went to get some late-night snacks at a restaurant nearby and we ran into the singer who sang Lucia, Aleksandra Kurdak. We were pumped to get to meet her.

pumpkin carving success


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