Damn it. I’ve missed a bunch of days. Between my new job and some other stuff, I’ve barely been home or even able to check my email for the past 3 days. But I do have a few posts in line to be written, so hopefully I can get to them in the next couple of days. Aight, peace.


One response to “ack

  1. derekhersh

    Firstly, you can barely pull off “aight, peace” even when being clearly ironic.

    But more importantly, how do you feel about this style of chukka?

    I’m looking for a pair of shoes that I can both wear around when I want and I can also wear at debate tournaments (I joined the debate team). I’m looking specifically for black shoes. I like the look of pretty traditional black loafers too, but I can’t really imagine myself wearing a shiny pair of loafers anywhere but at debate.

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