wedding photographer

Daniel and I have chosen our wedding photographer and we’re going to go meet with her and sign the contract next week!

Like pretty much everything else in the wedding, we have a very limited budget for the photographer. And have you seen how much photography costs these days?!* So I put up an ad on Craigslist with a little bit about us and our budget. Given what we could pay, I was expecting mostly amateurs and students needing to build up portfolios, but we were surprised to find that most of the responses actually came from professionals.

Electra Frye - rings

There were two photographers in particular that especially impressed us. We ended up choosing Electra Frye for a couple of reasons – her portfolio was the most artistic, and her package includes all-day coverage. Also, she seems really nice. We’re looking forward to meeting her in person next week. Her wedding pictures look great, but she has also done a lot of other work as well. Most of her wedding work is on her website (flash-based, so it’s a pain to get pictures to post here), and you can also have a look at some of her other work here.

Electra Frye - idaho sunrise

*I am in no way trying to imply that photographers are swindlers. I have seen the portfolios of many wonderful wedding photographers, and let me tell you, they are artists. But like all art, the good stuff costs serious cash. As in, multiple thousands of dollars. And as important as our wedding is to us, we just can’t justify spending several thousand bucks on lovely, gorgeous photos that will spend most their time never seeing the light of day in a photo album.

Electra Frye - cherry cheesecake

all photos by Electra Frye


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