another farmers market find

I found something else on Sunday at the farmers market – a potential jeweler for our wedding rings! As you probably remember, we had my engagement ring made locally at Green Lake Jewelry Works, and we were planning to go back to them for our wedding rings. But since I’m out of work right now, I’ve been looking for someplace that might be able to make what we want a little more affordably.

On Sunday I came across a jewelry booth owned by Tim Lambert, a local jewelry artist based in Port Townsend. Time sets up at the Ballard Market every Sunday, and he also sells his work through his website and via etsy. I was drawn to his booth because his work is very similar in style to the bezel-set, clean look Daniel and I prefer. He also works in palladium, which is hard to find with local artisans and small shops. Tim gave me a quick quote for a custom wedding band to fit my engagement ring, and it was very reasonable. Maybe coolest of all, Tim only uses 100% recycled gold, palladium, and platinum.

Here are a few examples of his work from his website:

Obviously right now we haven’t decided whether or not we will use Tim, but i thought it was worth it to get a little more information about this obviously talented local artist. His work is stunning, don’t you agree?

Itali Lambertini Jewelry
Tim Lambert

2 responses to “another farmers market find

  1. derekhersh

    You could commission Mr. Audel. He would hook you up.

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