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So, I’m on the hunt for a new job, because I need more hours than my current boss can give me. I’ve been sending out resumes every day. It’s obviously a hard time to be seeking a job, but I know there are jobs out there and I’m trying my best to get one. That’s why it’s really frustrating to realize that ads on Craigslist that look like they’re for legitimate jobs turn out to be scams. Case in point:

I responded to this legitimate-looking ad:

A firm seeking an assistant to the Office Manager

Duties Include:
– Answering Phones / Directing Calls
– Filing
– Various Paperwork
– Misc. tasks as required by the Office Manager

Skills Required:
– Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Outlook
– Ability to multi-task
– Strong attention to detail
– Strong Customer Service Skills
– Exceptional written and oral communication skills

And I immediately received this email back:

Dear Applicant,
Thanks for your email and enquiry about this Job. I have gone through and I must say I am impressed. However, the position has been filled up by an earlier applicant because the position was needed urgently.Nonetheless,the position of Representative is still vacant and from what I observed,i think you can handle this job.I felt i should let you know this instead of posting it on craigslist for someone else.

I am also a marketing and sales representative,I want to employ you urgently as my representative to handle certain aspects of my job till I return from a business trip to United Kingdom. You do not need any fund collection or accounting experience to execute this job.


1. Make some minor calls and sometime attend some short meetings.
2. Receive funds from my clients
3. Disburse fund to my numerous clients either by Bank Transfer,Cashier Check, Business Check.

You will be entitled to a 10% on every fund collected and disbursed.
Get back to me with the following information if you are interested in this position.
1. Full name
2. Full mailing address
3. Contact phone number
4. Name and address of referees

This is a part time Job offer,this means that it does not affect your present Job.All you need to do is to check your mail regularly.
Otherwise, I must thank you for your time and my sincere apology if I wasted it in anyway.
With Regards.
Yours faithfully,
John Fisher.

How disappointing. (In case it doesn’t look like a scam to you, read this). It makes me wonder how many other applications I’ve sent out to essentially fake businesses.

3 responses to “job search

  1. Kathy

    Call Uncle Bill, see if there’s anything at Boeing

  2. Rachel


    they have a lot of stuff up our liberal-minded alley.

    love you

  3. Arielle

    The exact same thing has been happening to me! I sent out dozens of resumes on and every single one sent back a letter including a website for further review and it was credit scams! UGH!

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