llama excursion

Daniel and I visited an alpaca farm today! The owners raise alpacas, pygora goats, and chickens, and they have 4 guard llamas! Thank you so much to Don Stanwyck at Jo’s Fleece Fields for showing us around the farm this afternoon!

First we met the male alpacas and a billy goat:

Daniel meets alpacas

a 'paca

pygora billy goat

And then we hung out with the she-goats. They’re so soft!

meeting a goat

goat butt

pretty nanny goat

Daniel meets a goat

And finally we met the llamas! Here is Koko, a really sweet gelding who loves to be petted. We also met a slightly spunkier llama named Patches, but the camera ran out of batteries.


Sarah and Koko


Daniel and Koko

Koko and his owner Don

(There’s Don in the background)

It’s been almost 2 years since I visited a llama farm! I’m so glad we decided to do it this weekend!


One response to “llama excursion

  1. Kathy

    Steve and I laughed our asses off looking at these pictures.

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