stupidly excited about a new craft thingie!

You all know that I am totally not into scrapbooking or other paper-craft stuff.


Martha Stewart just came out with these super-sweet punch-around-the-page paper punchers. When I saw them I immediately sent the link to Daniel to show him how awesome they are, but I was really surprised when he suggested we buy them with wedding money and work them into the invitations.

They were backordered for a while, but they finally arrived yesterday, and, man! They are so cool! We’re going to have to re-work our wedding invite design just so we can use these puncher thingies. Check out the placecards I made for the dinner party we’re hosting tomorrow night:

new paper puncher!

new paper puncher!

I’m having visions of all the wedding-related stuff I can punch with these. We’ll be vacuuming up bits of paper for months!


2 responses to “stupidly excited about a new craft thingie!

  1. Kathy

    Hipster’s think of the coolest things!

  2. Hope the Martha Stewart ones are sharper than the Fiskars one I got for my wedding invites- I wasn’t even using card stock and I was breaking by wrist trying to get the last 40 or so of my invites punched across the bottom, then had to use an exacto knife to finish the job. Was a major pain in the butt. btw, this is Trombone Emma from UW- we’ve met, but I still feel weird blog-stalking you… but you have an awesome blog.

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