poll: which llama?

So, obviously there will be “subtle hints of llama” at our wedding (thankfully, I am not referring to scent). I say obviously because, well, I am me and I love llamas. And I say subtle because, unfortunately, our venue does not allow llamas to serve as chuppah bearers or flower crias.

So, there will be llama cupcake toppers. You would not believe how hard it is to find llama figurines, but I have scoured the internet and come up with three options, and since Daniel and I are split, we’d like some other opinions. Here are the contenders:

Option 1: The Schleich llama is 3.5″ tall, made of plastic, with a noble bearing, nice smile, and a desire to have a piece of tulle hot-glued to her head. We’d get two and put a bow-tie on the other. These guys are big enough that they would each need their own cupcake.


Option 2: These Northern Rose llamas are a bare 2″ tall, made of glazed ceramic and dislike looking forward. We could mix and match.

Northern rose llamaNorthern rose llama

Option 3: The Noah’s Ark llamas, named Lucas and Lisa, are 3.1″ and 2.5″ tall, respectively. They are oddly proportioned, but nice and smiley and appropriately sexually dimorphic (just like us!)

Lucas and Lisa - Noah's Ark llamas

Edited to add: I found another contender! As much as Precious Moments makes me gag, they have a pretty cute set of llamas. I’m adding them to the list.

So tell me what you think!

4 responses to “poll: which llama?

  1. Kathy

    Yep, I say #1, you’re as silly as you’re Mother!

  2. Rachel

    Sarah–here’s what I don’t understand: will these just be on you and Daniel’s cupcakes, or on all the cupcakes for all the peoples? Cause that’s a lot of llamas. I still say the pair is the cutest. They are standing in such dignified positions!

  3. Joel

    Man was this a difficult decision! It was a tight race between Lisa and Lucas and Llama #1. However, the deciding factor was two fold: one, llama #1 is just a better shape, in my opinion. Really well proportioned. two, symbolically I like that if there were two llama #1’s it would be like you both were equals – on a cake together, in llama form. Lisa and Lucas are not the same size and are a little too “gender appropriate” for me.

    Good luck though!

  4. Rachel – there will only be two llamas. I think we’ll have a tower of cupcakes (kind of like this) that kind of resembles a big wedding cake, so the toppers will go on two cupcakes at the very top of the tower.

    Joel – Shit. Ok, so I don’t mind sexually dimorphic animals. Especially because since Daniel is a hairy giant, so we’re pretty dimorphic ourselves.

    But. I was thinking about it, and I realized that when I was hanging out with alpacas, I never noticed a size difference (the time I hung out with llamas in person, there were only males). I just googled around and the internet says there is no noticeable dimorphism in llamas or alpacas. So now the question is, why did the Noah’s Ark people make the male llama bigger than the female? I can’t see any reason that doesn’t involve some fucked up patriarchy or some equally fucked up willful ignorance of science. I’m gonna have to eliminate Lucas and Lisa from the running. Thanks, Joel.

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