finally! my ring!

So I already gave you a peek at my ring, but it definitely deserves its own post. I’m pretty sure the ring is perfect, or at least perfect for me. It’s exactly how I imagined it in my mind. But enough with the chit chat! You want more pictures!

Here are some shots that the jeweler took (I have no idea what that leaf is doing):

my engagement ring

my engagement ring

my engagement ring

my engagement ring

And here are some shots on my hand:

my engagement ring

my engagement ring

my engagement ring

As I mentioned before, the center stone is a 1.46 carat pear-cut yellow sapphire. I’m not sure if I’ve said anything else about the ring specs before, so here they are: the ring has a full bezel setting and a Euro shank, the metal is palladium and the side stones are 3x5mm white sapphires. I designed the ring and it was custom crafted for us at Green Lake Jewelry Works here in Seattle. The process took a long time, but we were very happy with the results. We’ll be going back when it’s time to purchase both of our wedding bands.

We were going to do diamonds on the sides, but at the last minute I switched to white sapphires. They sparkle beautifully and I just decided I didn’t want any diamonds. De Beers can suck it.

A couple people have asked me about palladium, because it’s not a common choice. I’m not an expert, but we did research the metal before we decided on it. Palladium is a relatively recent metal option for jewelry – it wasn’t even discovered until 1803 and it wasn’t until WWII limited the availability of platinum that palladium appeared in jewelry. Palladium is a platinum-group metal, with properties similar to platinum, but it’s a lot less dense, and a LOT cheaper, about the same price as gold. Although it hasn’t been used very long, it has a good reputation and should last as long as gold or platinum. My guess is that palladium is going to be the next “big thing” in jewelry.

We chose palladium because we knew we couldn’t afford platinum, but white gold has some issues. White gold gets its “white” from either nickel or palladium in the alloy. I’m sensitive to nickel, so we didn’t want that. White gold is also usually rhodium plated to make it really white, but it wears off and has to be re-dipped periodically. Palladium, like platinum, is a 95% pure material. I liked that. Color-wise, palladium is a little warmer than platinum and a little cooler than white gold, if you can even tell the difference. Anyway, we’re happy with the choice. Daniel will be getting his ring made in palladium as well (he wants them to match).

It struck me for the first time the other days that I’m going to be wearing this ring for the next 60 years or so (fingers crossed!) It’s so special and I’m so happy to have it. I love that I got to design it myself, but I’m so grateful to Daniel for giving me such a beautiful piece of jewelry.

my engagement ring

Any ideas about what I should do for a wedding band?


2 responses to “finally! my ring!

  1. Kathy

    Sweetheart, it’s absolutely perfect. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
    Way to go Daniel…….and you will most likely being wearing it for 70 some years….you have good genes.

  2. Wow… beautiful!

    This is Tisha_ from ECFans, btw. 🙂

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