all about my hands and their bling

I got a mani-pedi with pretty pink polish about a week and a half ago, but unfortunately I didn’t take pictures and now it’s too late. It was the first time in years that I’ve had my nails painted and the first time I’ve ever had a pro (besides my mom) do them. It was so much fun I’ve decided that I’m going to treat myself to manicures more often now – they’re only $11, which is like 3 coffees. I can totally afford that at least once a month or so.

But there’s another reason I’ll be getting my nails done more often – pretty soon I’ll have a gorgeous new ring on my finger. We approved the final wax for my engagement ring!

final ring wax

Of course, my nails aren’t painted in this picture; by Sunday, they were looking pretty ratty, so since I knew we’d be taking some pictures, I ran over to Target for some emergency nail polish remover before Daniel and I went to look at the wax. Also, my fun bright pink polish would have clashed horribly with the yellow sapphire (I know this because all week it clashed horribly with my citrine decoy ring). But I’m definitely going to get my nails done again before I go to pick up the final ring – any suggestions on a color?

Speaking of color, I still can’t quite picture the finished ring, because I keep getting hung up on the horrible green-ness of the wax, but I’m sure it’s going to look fabulous. This is the first time I’ve seen it with all three stones, and I love the sparkle. The metal setting will be cast this week, and I should have the finished ring on my finger in about three weeks!

final ring wax

I’ll do a big post with lots of pictures as soon as the ring is done, of course. I’ll also give more details about our experience with the jeweler and the ring materials and specs then too.

One response to “all about my hands and their bling

  1. pamela

    You could always try getting the color I currently have on my toes…it’s fierce.

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