first try at a ring wax

Yesterday Daniel and I got to see the wax for my engagement ring! It looks great, but we decided to make a few modifications, so they are going to remake the wax and it should be ready in a week or two. We ordered the side stones, too. Now that I’ve tried on the wax, I can’t wait to take off my “decoy ring”. It’s pretty, but it’s obviously not meant to be worn every day, and it’s starting to wear out.

Here is is from the top. The side-bezels are sized for 2x3mm pear shaped stones, but they look kind of puny here. We decided to have them remake the wax and order 3x5mm stones instead.

first attempt at the wax for my e-ring

Here it is with my center stone. I know jewelry stores have special lights to make stones sparkle, but isn’t it pretty?

first attempt at the wax for my e-ring

And here’s a side view. The style with the squared-off bottom is called a Euro shank and it makes the ring more comfortable to wear and less likely to roll around on my finger.

first attempt at the wax for my e-ring

I seriously can’t wait. We’ve been having some stress and frustration lately trying to figure out a wedding venue that we like and can afford, but the ring process has been so delightful and stress-free (after we figured out how much it was going to cost, of course…)


One response to “first try at a ring wax

  1. Kathy

    It’s going to be absolutely perfect. It looks exactly like something you would adore and cherish for the rest of your life!!!!!! Way to go Daniel!

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