spring fashions

From the pictures in my last post, you can see a few of my newest clothing purchases.

First of all, a couple of months ago I bought a peacock feather fascinator from this etsy seller. It’s a little bit fancy for everyday wear, but I love it and try to wear it whenever the occasion is formal enough. Here’s a shot of the fascinator in my hair:


It’s on a headband but it sits almost like a little cap cocked to the side. It’s really fun.

I also bought this bright yellow trench coat from Target a few weeks ago and I love it. Even though it poured rain all last week, a yellow trench keeps it feeling like springtime. Daniel took a particularly artsy shot of me in the coat:

total fashion shot

Everyone who knows me in person knows that I’ve loved yellow and gray for an obscenely long time. To prove that the color combo is still relevant, I’ve pulled together a “spring accessories” Polyvore collage using yellow, gray, and a new accent of mint green:

mint, yellow and gray

I have been in love with that necklace from J. Crew since I first saw it. Isn’t it spectacular? I’m also really tempted by that yellow purse. The buttery leather and the ruffles are just too much. It’s from Anthro, of course.

Two years ago when I fell in love with the color gray everyone thought I was crazy for liking such a boring, unflattering color. But now gray has been a hot color for over a year and it doesn’t appear to be going away soon, either. I love gray (and its close cousin greige) because it makes bright colors really pop. Here’s another collage I’ve pulled together of some gray and red accessories that I think are adorable:

red and gray

Man, Polyvore is so fun to play with!

Oh, and since I posted an artfully blurred picture of myself, how about one of Daniel?

looking at his feet

They are pretty cool shoes.


One response to “spring fashions

  1. Kathy

    You wonderful hipsters!!!!!!

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