spring flowers

I’ve been buying flowers once a week lately. It all started with these gorgeous gold ranunculus back in January.


They’re from Trader Joe’s.


It’s too bad ranunculus are only available in late winter. They last forever and they would be amazing wedding flowers. And it’s just fun to say “ranunculus”.

I bought a couple more bunches from Trader Joe’s for Daniel and my birthday dinner party. Don’t they look nice next to the snowball cupcakes?


And there have even been a few blooms from my little patio garden.

first spring violets

Lately I’ve been getting daffodils, which look terrific in the living room. Waiting on a new bunch to open up so I can take pictures.

Oh, and I promised to show a picture of the apartment the night Daniel proposed. He made a delicious dinner before he met me at the airport with a bunch of red tulips. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, our friend Joel was lighting a bunch of tea lights in our apartment. This was the effect when I walked into the house:

a surprise
How could I not say yes?

One response to “spring flowers

  1. Kathy

    Daniel is the best!!!!!!

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