almost done

I’ve got three finals today; the last one is in a half hour and then I have almost 2 whole weeks of spring break to look forward to. Tomorrow I’m getting together with my ladies for lunch, and then on Wednesday I’m going to Spokane for a few days to see my parents.

And next weekend, Daniel and I are going to go to Greenlake Jewelry Works to see bout getting me a ring!

Although I’m pretty sure that the only people who read this thing anymore are people I know in “meatspace,” I guess I should announce it officially here. Daniel and I are engaged! He proposed the minute we got home from the airport after I got back from Sweden. I have some pictures of the beautiful candlelit apartment that I came home to that I’ll have to share later.

He proposed with a little silver and citrine ring from an etsy seller. I’ve been calling it my “decoy” ring. I’m pretty sure that’s the wrong word for it, but I like calling it my decoy ring because it bugs Daniel. He thinks it should be called a placeholder ring. Boring. But the ring is pretty. I’m going with a yellow stone for the “official” ring, too.

Since Daniel and I have been talking about getting engaged for a long, long time, I knew that no matter how big of a surprise he made the proposal, it wouldn’t really be unexpected. So we both wanted there to be an actual ring involved, to at least give it some element of surprise. But I’m also picky and I want to design my own ring, so we compromised on a decoy ring until we can get the real one made.

I’ve also ordered an engagement ring for Daniel to wear – it’s sterling and citrine, like mine. He needs to get used to wearing a ring anyway. And I figured it was the least a good feminist (who nevertheless wants a pretty ring for herself) could do.
Daniel's engagement ring - also sterling and citrine

As you might imagine, I’ve been doing all kinds of wedding planning in the past few months, and I have a lot of ideas already.


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