playing around with Polyvore

I found Polyvore, a website that lets you create collages and share them online. It is kind of like Wists, which is also a great site. The coolest part, of course, is always seeing the items and combinations that other people put together, and getting inspiration from them.

Anyway, I just bought a beautiful dress from this online store, (not the one I’m wearing to the ball on Saturday):

So, I though now would be a good time to try to put together a Polyvore collage of an outfit I might wear that includes the dress.

Here we are, the dress, plus a pair of black boots, which I already own, gray patterned tights that are also similar to ones that I already have, and two pretty pieces of jewelry. I really like this outfit. I could have also gone with heels and no tights, and tons of different pieces of jewelry.

I love the color of the dress…BUT they were sold out of purple, so I got black instead. Here’s another set, using ALL items that I already own, of how I can accessorize differently for a black dress:

The same boots and tights, but paired with the green pearls that I bought with Mom in Vancouver and the green rose cocktail ring I got last summer at Forever 21.

Naturally, I had the dress sent to my apartment in Seattle, so thinking about it reminds me that it will probably be around Christmas when I first wear it, so let’s look at an ensemble that would be appropriate for Christmas dinner with the family:

To change from funky to classic, switch out the boots for some timeless black heels, my white pearls, and a pair of solid gray tights instead of patterned ones. Then bring in some color with a pretty scarf for a headband and a ruffled cardigan from J.Crew that I’ve been longing for for months (the same sweater in yellow is definitely on my Christmas list this year…) Finish it off with another cocktail ring, this time something in red.

One dress (ok, actually two dresses), three ways. Although the site has a few annoying quirks (like how you can’t add pictures that don’t come from the internet, or that you can only view in pop-up windows) I think I could really get hooked in Polyvore. It is a lot of fun putting together different looks. Next I’d like to try it with home furnishings.


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