dress shopping

Well, I missed posting yesterday, which sucks. I just couldn’t get to a computer…

Yesterday my friend Laura and I went shopping for dresses for the ball next weekend (although not for actual ball dresses). First we wandered into a few stores that had a lot of prom dresses and other really cheap, kind of gaudy dresses, which are great when you’re 16, but the thought of spending a hundred bucks on something so useless kind of makes me sad now. I wanted to find a dress I could wear again. After a few hours I finally found a gorgeous strapless black party dress that is classic enough that I can wear it again, but also really fun. It’s knee length with a full bubble skirt (can a bubble skirt be classic? This one is at least). I also bought a pair of black heels to go with it. I will make sure to take lots of pictures next Saturday.

Also, Laura and I are going to Stockholm together right before I leave at the end of December. We’re going to take the train up on the 17th or 18th, so in the next few days we’ll find a hostel and book a room. the time here has gone by so fast; only 6 more weeks before I leave!

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