A few unrelated things:

First, my new computer should be here in another 10 days or so. Did I mention it’s yellowness?

Second, there is a ball next weekend, and a bunch of us are going. Some of the girls and I are going dress shopping tomorrow, and I’ll try to take pictures. Technically it is a black-tie ball, but our little group will be going after midnight, when the dress code relaxes to cocktail attire. It will be fun to have an excuse to buy a nice new dress. I need a LBD anyway.

Finally, I know I just posted a recipe, but I feel I need to tell the world about the deliciousness that is kladdkaka, the Swedish brownie. It tastes just like a brownie, but the texture is so much better (and I say this as a diehard brownie fan). The problem with brownies is that in order to avoid a boring cakey texture, you have to omit most of the eggs and undercook it so that it tastes like fudge. While that is delicious, I think kladdkaka has the brownie beat. It uses lots of eggs, but manages to stay dense and chocolatey without being cloying. Just try it once. The recipe I used is the second one on this website. Here’s a trick for converting measurements from metric to US: just type exactly what you need into Google. For 4dL sugar, just type “4dL in cups”. You can also type math problems in the same way.

Practice test: convert 1 US dollar into Swedish Kronor. Answer: 1 USD = 7.85 SEK. Yes, that’s right, the dollar, which was only worth 6 kronor when I got here, is substantially stronger against the krona (and the Euro, for that matter). Maybe McCain was right, and “the fundamentals of the ecomony are strong”…but I doubt it. Just enjoying it while it lasts.

One response to “miscellanea

  1. Mmmmmm…. brownies. For more great cooking/baking/eating tips and recipes, you’ve got to visit Serious Eats.com. It is my new favorite time-waster, I mean, website. Except that it makes me incredibly hungry when I visit, and may just help me regain the 10 lbs. I lost this summer.

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