warning: politics ahead

I didn’t mention the election yesterday, but Daniel called me at 5am to tell me that McCain conceeded. it was a very good day overall for Democrats, and I am so glad Obama won. Also, the governor race is looking good, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for Darcy Burner (fun fact: Dave Reichert actually recieved his devil horns from the devil (aka Dick Cheney) himself).

But sadly now, we need a moment of silence for Prop. 8, which passed in California, and for the two other gay marriage bans that passed Tuesday in Arizona and Florida. I have one word: unconscionable.

(I’ll be back tomorrow with fun things to say. Problem is, I haven’t been doing much to actually talk about lately, but I am working on it).


One response to “warning: politics ahead

  1. Sweetheart,
    Steve bought me a new little puppy tonight, he is a white and fawn Rat Terrier,
    we have not named him yet……he is soooooo adorable!

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