Election eve

Just a short one tonight, because it’s 9pm and I still haven’t eaten dinner because I’ve been here at the computer lab, busy catching up on some stuff (read: all the TV I missed this week).

I am so excited about tomorrow – Election Day. Although I recognize that it will actually be well into Wednesday morning here by the time the East Coast numbers start to roll in…well, tomorrow is going to be a great day.

(Oh God, I hope tomorrow is a great and happy day!)


One response to “Election eve

  1. Lovebug,
    In America we are dancing in the streets. It is the most exciting time in years.
    I am overwhelmed with possibility for our country. I love you my darling Daughter…I wish you were here so I could kiss and hug you with OBama’s election. How great that you are in Sweden, looking at possibility from another angle. I admire you my beautiful girl. Your Brother is ecstatic!

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