Halloween recap

I realized after the fact that I only got one good picture of myself on Halloween, although I did get quite a few of my friend Ben, who dressed up as a lovely lovely lady. Mine wasn’t much of a costume, just a headdress that I picked up for 20 kronor at Tiger. Have I mentioned Tiger, the totally sweet Danish “dollar store”? They’ve got lots of awesome stuff for 10 or 20 kronor.

Anyway, it’s not wise to spend a lot of money on a hat in Sweden, because when the Swedes get drunk, they like to trade hats. I lost mine at one point during the night, but eventually I got it back.

I had a ton of fun on Friday, but I’ll save the stories to tell you in person, if you know me, rather than splash it all over the internet. I’m short on time, anyway; we have revived Sunday suppers and people are due over here soon. I’ll be back tomorrow, though!

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