Lazy Sunday

I’ve been watching a lot of TV on lately. (Firefly, your run was far too short). I have some pictures of things that actually happened in real life to share in the next few days, but for right now, I want everyone to watch Lazy Sunday, if you haven’t seen it before (or if you have, watch it again).

(Sorry, I was trying to embed the video in this post, but WordPress won’t let me).

And here is a shot of my brother macking on a cupcake in front of Magnolia Bakery.

On a semi-related note – this week all the good TV shows start! As soon as they come online, I’ll be watching HIMYM and Grey’s!

Got school tomorrow morning, so I’m ghost like Swayze.


2 responses to “Lazy Sunday

  1. CR

    Hello Sarah!
    Hope your experience is still plaisant for you out there 🙂

    About the, when opening the page I get the message that the stream is only viewable from USA, that might be the reason why you were unable to embed it in WordPress..

  2. yes, but those of us who were in NYC on that last day of the trip, know what really went on with the cupcake……lol

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