just little things

Sorry, the posts have been tapering off as school kicks into gear. I just finished my second week of classes, including 5 all-day lab sessions. Next week, though, my chem class is taking a break and I have no class at all Wednesday though Friday!

This week I also signed up for a student nation. My friends and I have all decided to join Krischansta Nation. After I pay my dues I will also get the student card that you need in Europe to get discounts on train tickets and other stuff. Tomorrow I’m going to check out the Sunday cafe at the nation.

The Obama ’08 stickers have arrived, and my bike now sports FOUR of them. But I’ve been having some trouble with front tire – it keeps going flat, but we can’t find a leak. Since I have a lot of free time this week my goal is to get bike bike up and running again. It sucks to have to take the bus everywhere, and it gets expensive after a while too.

A shoutout to Pam: Happy Birthday, girl!


3 responses to “just little things

  1. Daniel

    You should talk to Joel about the bike tire; he may have some ideas. I may have suggested that already, though; I’m a bit of a broken record.

  2. Pictures, we need pictures of the bike with the OBama stickers on it

  3. I’m sorry you are having trouble with the tire, can I do anything to help?

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