new glasses

My new glasses arrived this week! My old glasses are 5 years old, and the prescription was getting pretty bad. I ordered 5 pairs, 3 from Zenni Optical which Daniel mailed to me, and two from Goggles4U, which ships overseas.

The ones from Zenni are much cuter than the ones from Goggles4U. The Goggles glasses seem really small. These glasses especially look adorable in the picture and in person, but they are much narrower and the lenses are smaller than the plastic frames I got from Zenni. The site says they’re only 125mm wide, whereas the cute plastic frames from Zenni are 133mm. I’ll know for future reference that 125mm is too small for my face. I will try to get some good pictures of them on me so you can see what I mean.

Meanwhile, here are a few shots of the cute Zenni frames:

I love these red frames. They are red on the outside and clear on the inside, so they really catch the light. They look best when I’m wearing brighter colors.

These are the same style, in black with blue on the inside. I wish this style came in more colors.

Don’t have a full-face shot of these, but they are very similar in style to the first two, except they have a slight point at the outside instead of being square. These ones are also really cool, and badass-looking. Maybe I can return the brown ones I got from Goggles4U (they say they can refund the frames and half the lens price) and get these ones from Zenni in brown. Zenni also has another very similar style that comes in lots of fun color combos. If I can’t do a refund, I’m only out $30 per pair. That’s kind of what you expect when you order glasses online – you’re gonna get a few “throwaways”. I still have at least 3 pairs of adorable glasses for about $115 USD, which is a screamin’ deal.


3 responses to “new glasses

  1. Daniel

    Lookin’ good! Hey, just curious — who picked out the red ones on top?

    Oh, was it?

    It was /me/?

  2. So Cute!!!! I’m glad you did that for yourself…did you get a new perscription?

  3. Rob

    The bottom pair really look cool. How did the lenses compare between the two retailers?

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