everything blue and gray

I got a couple shots of the bedroom the other day, but since it was so gray out, they didn’t turn out very well. You can see my pretty new bedspread, big window, and nice floors, though.

I also bought a new skirt at H&M, my first Swedish clothing purchase since I’ve arrived. It’s high-waisted and wool, and it’s full enough that I can even ride my bike with it. I am going to have to do a post of Swedish fashion, because I am absolutely loving the clothing on the streets. Maybe I can take some covert photos of people when I’m out and about. Seriously, I am going to be the hippest Seattleite in town when I come back.

(Sorry there are no pictures of, you know, my face. It’s really hard to photograph yourself with a timer).


4 responses to “everything blue and gray

  1. derekhersh

    Thanks for the postcard. The hedgehog- for a dude trying to get laid, has a really evil face.

    Your room looks like an ad for IKEA- just saying.

    Also- thanks for the candy- I’m kindof nervously expecting something Herring flavored or something like that.

  2. pamela

    Sarah! That skirt is so “snug”! And I love the bedspread. I am so glad you are spreading your design genius on an international level. You MUST take pictures of cool swedish fashion.

    Sorry it took me so long to comment, I am sucky when it comes to the internet.

    I miss you!!

    Btw, that shrimp pizza business is wack.

  3. Daniel


  4. pamela

    Aaron wants you to know he has the same clock as you do. Its small and square and from IKEA. Rock.

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