new bike today

Here she is, my new bike!

It’s a 3-speed Crescent, bought it from this guy, another international student who buys bikes from exchange students moving back home, refurbs them, and sells them. It has everything I need, including lights, a lock, and a basket, and of course, a bell. Almost everyone has the exact same basket on their bike: black wire like a trash bin, either the back/side mount model, or the front mount. I prefer baskets on the front, but I really liked this bike.

It only cost 750 SEK, which is about $120. Many of the other exchange students with bikes paid around 900 SEK, for bikes that were probably not so lovingly restored. I think I got a good deal.

There is only one thing it’s missing, which Daniel has promised to remedy: it needs an Obama ’08 bumper sticker (which I think will only increase the resale value, right?)


3 responses to “new bike today

  1. You need to get a little Swedish dog to put in the back.

  2. I’m still waiting for the picture with the Obama in 08 sticker

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