my apartment

As I may have mentioned earlier, the university-provided apartment that I am staying in is really nice. They are indeed the the apartments that I thought I would be in, and they’re really cute on the outside!

On the inside, it’s about 300 sf, has a full kitchen (with 3/4 sized appliances) with dining area, a bedroom with a comfy chair, desk and closet, and a bath. The floors are hardwood (laminate, I think) and there are big windows. My bedroom faces east and my dining room faces west – perfect. I even have a corner unit, which is good because people aren’t always walking past my unit (the front window faces the walkway and it’s on the first floor, so it can be a little disconcerting). There is a rack for my bike right outside my door.

Here is the dining area. You can see that I’ve hung up my new Marimekko tea towel as wall art. The tablecloth is from Lagerhaus, a store I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in Sweden. They have the most gorgeous, fun textiles for dirt cheap. I think I’ll probably do an entire post on Lagerhaus/textile stores in Sweden at some point. Love!

Here’s another shot of the dining area:

Here is the boring-looking kitchen. I was making leek and potato soup when I took this. I love the tea towel – I will have to take a close-up later. I though it had lobsters on it, but it turns out they’re crayfish. (More on Swedes and their crayfish later, after I eat some tomorrow).

It’s funny living here. The apartments are gorgeous – in fact, they’re “real” apartments that the university has a contract with, so they’re definitely not meant to be dorms. But since they came already furnished (literally everything came from IKEA,) and since we’re all exchange students who brought almost nothing with us, our rooms all look the same, are all boring white, slightly messy, and quite un-homelike. Of course, being Sarah, I want to decorate my apartment to really be a home, just like in the apartment I share with Daniel in Seattle. I can’t do that entirely, because I can’t and don’t want to buy a whole bunch of stuff here that I can’t take back. I have allowed myself to go crazy over Swedish textiles, since they’re the reason I started learning Swedish in the first place. (Seriously!) With the help of some tea towels and tablecloths, and a juice glass full of wild daisies, I hope I can make myself feel at home here.

Tomorrow I will try to get some shots of the bedroom. It’s not completely organized yet, but since tomorrow is Saturday, I will have some time to arrange everything.


3 responses to “my apartment

  1. rita

    hello sarah,
    you don’t know me, but i am a friend of your mother.
    i love your blog.
    hope your studies go well in sweden and you have bunches of fun!
    loved your post on the food, since i am an amateur foodie.

  2. Sweetheart,
    Rita is the person who gave you the beautiful sheep skin rug when you were born. It was from her late Husband Kevan’s shop, and it was a gift of love.
    Rita may also be responsible in part for your love of classical music. I knew nothing about it, but Rita made a CD before you were born. I played it all the time…then after you arrived I played it in your nursery daily and always as you were falling asleep at night.
    Love You Rare Bare!

  3. derekhersh

    Your blog is not bad. Mom found it and went on a tear wanting to comment on every post, I told her not to be that guy, as no one likes the over-commenter.

    I wasn’t aware that Sweden was known for their textiles, so I guess I learned something new.

    Mom tells me that you already know what you’re getting me for my birthday. What is it, tell me, tell me, tell me. Is it textiles? Also, thanks in advance for even getting me something and then shipping it around the world- that is nice of you.

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