Svenska barnböcker (Swedish children’s books)

I went to a secondhand store yesterday and was browsing through the children’s books when a familiar American author’s name caught my eye: Beverly Cleary. I loved her books! And they’re, like, a 3rd grade reading level, right? It was a Henry Huggins book, and the title read Henry som tidningsbud, which I puzzled out as Henry and the Paper Route. I can read the first sentence without any help. I am going to try to get though it, with my dictionary. I’ll report on my progress.

(P.S., for the Beezus and Ramona fans out there, apparently the whole “Ramona says Beezus because she can’t pronounce Beatrice”-thing didn’t translate well to Swedish, so Beatrice’s nickname is Trix. Which is an awesome nickname. But seriously, what small child can’t say Beatrice but can pronounce the “r” in Trix?)

(P.P.S., I went to the public library and got a card today. While I was there, another kids’ book titled Kalle och Hobbe caught my eye. Yes, apparently Calvin is named Kalle in Scandinavia.)


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