Saturday in Malmö

Flickr is being a pain, so I will just make a quick list of what I did today; more pictures to follow tomorrow.

Today started off well, with a huge, delicious buffet breakfast at my hotel (the Rica Hotel, I totally recommend it). Ok, it probably sounds really gross if you haven’t tried it before, but pickled herring in dill-cream sauce on cracker-bread is really yummy in the morning.

The night before, I got into my hotel room at about 12:30am. I took the train from the Copenhagen airport to Malmö (read: Mahl-meuuuur, kind of). I got in with my two huge, heavy suitcases around 11:30. Literally seconds after I got off the train, two Swedish girls stopped me to compliment my giant polka-dot suitcase and after we spoke for a few seconds, they even said my (crappy) Swedish was good. We got to talking, they introduced themselves as Elin and Ania and they offered to show me the way to my hotel, which looked on the map to be only about 3 blocks away. Turns out, the hotel was actually pretty close, we just couldn’t figure out how to reach it. About 45 minutes later we finally found the damn hotel. I have blisters from the suitcase.

Anyway, the three of us met up again this afternoon for ice cream. They are so very nice and their English is really great. I hope to see them again soon! I’m not a particularly outgoing person, so it feels really special to have made some friends so quickly.

There is a big street festival going on in Malmö right now, with music and food all over the downtown (Centrum) area, where I’m staying. It’s awesome to see another culture through it’s street food (and it’s interpretation of familiar ethnic foods, like Mexican and Thai). I’m glad that there will be something to do tomorrow, since nearly all shops close by 5pm on Saturday and don’t re-open until Monday morning. It’s very different from American shopping. I did buy some cool things this afternoon before the stores closed, and I’ll try to share them tomorrow.

I have much more to show and tell, but it’s getting on towards midnight here, so I’ll save it for tomorrow. ‘Night!


One response to “Saturday in Malmö

  1. rossination

    What was the Swede’s take on Mexican food? Was it more or less authentic than the stuff at Azteca?

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