the place I’m leaving

Last night was my going-away party. I leave for Sweden tomorrow, but first I want to post some photos of the apartment as I am leaving it (actually, it will probably be much dirtier when I leave…) I hung up all my artwork a few months ago, and I am sad to be leaving such a pretty place for blank walls and bare furnishings in my dorm-like apartment in Lund (although I’m sure I’ll make it work somehow…poor me, right?)

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted pictures of the house. Lots of things have changed since then!

Here is a long shot of the living room. Yes, the books are arranged by color. And all of my art is finally up on the walls!

This picture shows some of my little art arrangements. It felt to good to sit down one afternoon and ruthlessly decide where to hang everything. The lower shelves of the bookshelf are doing china-cabinet duty right now. We’ve got wineglasses and my pitcher collection in there. To the right is another similar shelf set up as a bar.

Here is the couch and the wall behind it. I hung the red butterfly hook by the door last week. Right now no one is wearing coats, but in a few months, I expect it will get some heavy use.

Daniel and I love, love, love our Ikea PS cabinet. It’s made out of powder-coated aluminum and it looks really hip and urban (in as much as Ikea can be hip). My giant polka-dot suitcase is sitting on the right.

Is it weird to put a picture of your bathroom on your blog? It’s a nice bathroom, even though it’s small. The rug, of course, is from Anthro.

And here’s the kitchen. It is tiny, but very nice. Daniel and I want to re-do the hang-bar system above the stove when I get back. I plan on picking up some pretty dishtowels in Sweden (they have the nicest textiles in Scandinavia). Our kitchen colors are all warms – red, orange, yellow. Not pictured are the two gorgeous orange Le Creuset pots that I found at the thrift store (< $20 for both!)

Well, there you have all of the public areas of our apartment. (The office is too messy to photograph and the bedroom was too dark). We’ve been here almost a year now, and I’m so happy with how the decor has turned out. We’ve also had so much fun in this apartment – 2 big parties, 4 dinner parties, countless nights with a handful of friends, Catchphrase, and wine. It’s good to know that I will have such a wonderful place to come home to.

2 responses to “the place I’m leaving

  1. Baby, we allllllllllll miss adorable YOU!

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