end of an era

Today was my last day at work. I’ve been at Metro for three and a half years, and now my bosses are being somewhat forced into retirement as business dies down. It’s sad, but I think it was the right move for them. I was planning to go back to work when I came home in January, but I’m ok with leaving now. My bosses are so sweet. I came in this morning (half an hour late because I was so engrossed in To Kill a Mockingbird that I missed my bus) and John has my paycheck all ready, and they’ve added some extra hours. For the last week, he has bought me lunch AND breakfast every day. They are trying to sell off all the old office furniture, and when I asked how much he wanted for a pair of nice chairs out in the reception area, he insisted on giving them to me for free.

My other coworkers have been great, too. for the past three years I have had someone give me a ride to the bus (about a mile and a half away) or carpool with me to work every day. As a going-away gift, my friend LauraLee gave me a really cool travel journal and some cash to spend in Sweden (!) [And I was going to give HER gas money for driving me to the bus every day!]

Yes, it was a great gig while it lasted.


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