30 days

That’s how long I have until I leave for Sweden. I’ve got my ticket, my passport and visa, and a giant, brand new suitcase. I just paid my deposit for the first month’s rent. I’m not positive this is the exact building I’ll be in, but I think I will be staying here:

I so hope that’s my apartment building! The painted doors are adorable!

I am starting to get a little worried about how much stuff I am going to need for the apartment, though. I will have my own kitchen, which means I need to either bring or buy dishes, pans, and utensils. And of course all my bedding. I love shopping for home goods, but I really don’t want to have to buy repeats of stuff I already have at home, or things I will have no use for when I get back here (like twin-sized bedding) And things are so expensive in Sweden! I’ve decided that I will try to get some cheap (hopefully plastic) plates and cups, and a small frying pan and saucepan and other really necessary kitchen utensils at Goodwill, and take them over in my suitcase. When I come back, I can just toss them to make room for all the fun things I will be bringing back.

I think I will buy all my fabric things in Sweden, because have you seen how cute Scandinavian textiles are?!? Tea towels, oven mitts…maybe even splurge on a shower curtain (love Marimekko, of course). I’ll probably stick with a simple white comforter, but I will make myself some pretty pillow covers to take with me. The one thing I know I can’t take with me that I wish I could is my sewing machine.

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