Darn it, I mean to publish this post on Wednesday!

Spring quarter at school is always stressful. Is it just me, or do everyone’s grades slip from autumn to spring? I know I have sadly neglected this blog, but now that summer is here and I only (!) have to work every day instead of juggling school AND work, I want to get back to blogging.

This summer has gotten off to a good start, despite the fact that the weather in Seattle was freezing cold until a week or two ago. Right now it can’t decide whether it wants to be sunny or cloudy, but at least it’s 60 degrees out. Anyway, I had a great weekend. On Friday Daniel and I went out to a new (to us) place called Pies and Pints. Tiny little pot pies and beer–how awesome is that? It was delicious, and I’m sure we’ll be back.

On Saturday I spent the afternoon at home rearranging some things – it was very relaxing. You see, I haven’t just been neglecting the blog these past few months – the apartment has been at a standstill too. For 4 months my favorite print was hanging uncentered and too high on the wall, because I was too damn lazy to hammer in a new nail. I wasn’t happy with the grouping over the TV, either. So on Saturday I spent a couple of hours arranging new groupings and hanging a bunch of stuff that had just been sitting on bookshelves for months. It makes me much happier to walk in and see all my favorite art finally on display. Unfortunately, the apartment only gets really great light in the morning, when I’m running around trying to get ready to go to work, so pictures will have to wait a few days.

I also have some very exciting news–in August I will be traveling to Sweden for 5 months to study abroad! I’m going to be taking classes at Lund University, which is in southern Sweden, and I will be coming home just before Christmas. I am going to miss Daniel and all my friends and family very much, but I am so excited to be able to go! I’m planning to blog as much as I can from Sweden so that everyone can see what I’m up to.


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