the day after Christmas

Sorry posts have been so sparse lately. I remembered to pack my camera bag…but the camera wasn’t in it. And I really like to post pictures with my entries. Here are some things I might have taken pictures of, had I remembered to bring the camera:

the delicious sushi rolls I made for Christmas Eve dinner
my beautiful dogs whom I love and miss so much
the chalk drawing my niece couldn’t wait to draw on the easel I got her for Christmas
the decorated gingerbread and sugar cookies I made with my niece and siblings
and much more…

BUT, I can show you the art prints my parents got me for Christmas, because they bought them off etsy! Poppies, edition one and edition two, from YumiYumi’s etsy store. They will look great in the apartment…I’m thinking the red tones will look good in the bedroom, which is warm orange and red.

And oh! I forgot to show you the art that Daniel bought me for our anniversary/Christmas (we exchange Christmas presents on our anniversary). A beautiful screenprint of a bird from Pushmepullyou design! Right now it’s hanging in the living room. I love hand-screenprinted things, because I really love the craft aspect to art. There is the artistic process, where the artist takes a vision and puts it down in ink (or clay, or paint), and then there is the physical process of printing the art that is so personal and organic. I value them both.

Anyway, I will be returning to Seattle on the 30th, so until then, picture-less posts!


One response to “the day after Christmas

  1. Oh, I loooove Pushmepullyou. We have 3 of her prints up. The bird one is super cute.

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